Career Mentoring

It can be lonely in a career, especially as you climb the ladder of success.  One minute you can share your fears and hopes with your colleagues and the next minute you are in management and couldn’t possibly discuss these issues with your employees.

So who do you talk to??

What you needTraffic light is a person by your side who has been there, done it and will nurture your relationship and your career.   Someone who can be your confidante and can help guide you through challenging situations and be there to celebrate your successes.  Someone who will draw out your skills and talents so you use them to the best effect, or simply keep an eye on your career, looking for opportunities and guiding you towards them.

The types of professions I have mentored clients in to date have included senior police officers, company directors and CEO’s, TV producers, head teachers, retail senior management and company buyers.

If you want someone to champion you in your career, then contact me:

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I call Christine my Fairy Godmother as she’s been there to support me through all the stages of my career up to my Director level status

I could never have got this top-level job without you – thank you for preparing me so thoroughly for it!

You are a great sounding board for my ideas and I love your honest replies!  It’s great that you challenge me to think differently and I always come away feeling energised.