Know Your Why

Do you know your why??

Why is such an important question.

For me, it is a ‘driver’ question and has a direct link to whether something will be achieved or not.

The stronger and more thought out your ‘why’, the more compelled you will be to achieve it.  

The ‘why’ part of your goals are the PRIZE; the ultimate achievement – the reason why you set out to do something in the first place.

Simon Sinek’s excellent TEDTalk called ‘Start with Why’ neatly explains how Apple rose to be the global giant it is today.  They knew what their ‘why’ was, totally believe in the vision and it drove them down the road to success.

The next time you are thinking you’d like to achieve something, I’d like you to spend x10 more time on your ‘why’ than your ‘how’.  Once you’ve seen the vision, know why it’s important to you, you are more likely to achieve it.  Can you hear, taste, feel and see how good it will be when you get there?  Notice all those senses. Visualise yourself reaching that goal – then that will be your driver.

Next, list all the reasons why it’s important to you and don’t stop listing when you think you’ve come to the end of your ideas.  Have a short break and then ask yourself to list another 10 more why’s.

And if you are working within a team, ensure the whole team buy-in to the ‘why’ too. Simon Sinek explains that beautifully in his TEDTalk

Otherwise, guess what?  They will not be as committed and that dream/goal will not be realised.

So don’t let those goals/dreams get away – make sure you know your WHY and let it drive you forward. 

Have fun!

Don’t Set New Year Resolutions – Choose a Word!

By now, you may have already set your NY resolutions and broken them. Everyone I have spoken to have broken theirs.

But there’s a much simpler method that I invite you to try.

Pick a word that you can live and play by, throughout the year. A word that has meaning for you and you can apply it to all aspects of your life.

I’ve picked mine. It is REDUCE!

This year I’m clearing clutter, simplifying my social media, reducing the number of newsletters I subscribe to, reducing my weight, reducing the number of books I have, giving more away to charity for others to enjoy and generally paring everything down.

I invite you to join me too, and if you want to share your word with me, I’ll be your ‘accountability’ buddy by checking in with you quarterly to see how you are getting on.

Over to you!

Is Your CV Treated Like Junk Mail?

You’ve spent hours crafting what you think is the perfect CV, but ever wondered what happens to it at the other end?  When it reaches the recruiter?

Most people I ask think that their CV will be afforded at least 15 minutes of a recruiters time, to go through and digest all its contents.

The truth is, your CV will initially get a quick scan and if the recruiter thinks you haven’t got the skills and qualities required for the post, they will reject your CV at that point.  No 15 minute read here!

It’s much the same when you receive a leaflet through your front door at home.  You quickly scan the document for interesting info and to see if you ‘need’ it.  Then you may read on further or keep for reading later.

If it doesn’t pique your interest in the first 6 second scan, it goes straight into the bin, as is regarded as junk.  I do this daily with the deluge of junk mail I get through the door.  Double glazing – don’t need it, BIN.  Sheds – don’t need it, BIN.  Takeaway menu – don’t need it, BIN.

The same happens with your CV!  Not a good match – REJECT.  Spelling mistakes – REJECT.  CV long to read – REJECT etc. etc.

Your ‘good stuff’ need to be on the first page of your CV and up at the top so you make an immediate impact.  So don’t hide some of this ‘good stuff’ on the 2nd page!

Your CV is the equivalent of your ‘sales brochure’ – so sell yourself!  You need to make that impact.

A recruiter should be able to fold the bottom third of your first page under, and read the top two-thirds, and get a real sense of who you are, what you do, and what experience you have.  If it doesn’t, then it’s back to the drawing board!

Nobody is going to know from just reading your CV that you are hiding your light under a bushel, so let the recruiter know how good a match you are for this role.

Recruiters do this job day-in-day-out, and often will be recruiting for numerous positions at the same time, so time is crucial to them.

Many roles attract 100-150 candidates, so do the maths – it would be impossible to read every CV for 15 minutes!!

So, do yourself a favour by ensuring your ‘sales brochure’ really does capture your skills and talents and mirror and match the role you are applying for.

And, if you need a critical eye, I’ll always look it over for you and do a FREE CV review, and tell you honestly where it needs work and enhancement.

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