75% of Employees Hate their Jobs!

Now hate is a very strong word but I’d certainly endorse that figure by saying that 75%+ of people get little or no enjoyment from their career/role. Are you one of them?

It’s so easy to ‘fall’ into a role because

  1. The salary was attractive
  2. Someone else said you’d be good at it
  3. You were promoted

But I’ve spent the majority of my career coaching sessions

  1. Coaching people who seem to have it all – title, salary, benefits – but are extremely unhappy
  2. Are following someone else’s dream career (that the person who suggested it, always wanted to do themselves)
  3. Suddenly find that they have been promoted and now have to manage ‘people’ rather than processes (which is the bit they probably loved and excelled at)

So how do you get yourselves out of this pickle, so you don’t become part of the 75% statistic?

The first step is to have a strategy/plan of moving from where you are now, to where you want to be. And then be prepared to take ACTION to get there. (After all, you wouldn’t go on a holiday without doing a bit of research first and then making a plan – visiting travel agents, looking on the map, researching the area, buying the currency etc. etc).

However, although this option is open to everyone, some people seem to get some pleasure from being ‘stuck’. Is that you?

If not, get that plan together and have the trip of your life into a career you truly deserve and love.

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