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Is your CV opening doors to interview?

If not, then don’t send it out again until I’ve reviewed it for you.  I’ll have a thorough look at your CV and then write a bespoke report on how you can improve it, to get it looking 100%.

The pandemic may be as a whole over, but many companies have taken such a hit that they are still thinking about restructuring and making roles redundant in order to recoup costs and fit in with the cost of living problems.

When this happens, its normally fast so it pays to have your CV up-to-date and ready to jump straight into the job-search market.  As more and more good people are being made redundant the competition is hotting up and vacancies are scarce.  So you have to be the best version of yourself.

Your CV is one of the only ways you have to get across your skills and talents so it needs to showcase who you are and what you can bring to the role.  Does your CV do that?  Would you give it a 100% ready mark?  If not, let me have a look at it from a recruiters angle and I’ll tell you whether it will run the risk of getting you on the ‘reject’ pile or invited to interview.



So, don’t hang about and miss all those juicy jobs!  Send your current CV to and I’ll give you my free honest opinion.  Plus if you let me know what job you are looking to secure next, let me know that too and I can make it even more specific to that role for you.

This is what my customers say:

What can I say I’m both speechless and wowed by your advice which is very thorough

I was absolutely amazed at my report.  I just thought it would be something generic you sent off to everyone, but it wasn’t!

Thank you!  I made the changes to my CV and I’ve now got a new job – I can’t thank you enough

Your feedback was very honest and refreshing, and just what I needed to get me back on track