Questions for YOU to ask the Interviewer

When it comes towards the end of a formal interview, the interviewers should ask “Have you got any questions for us?”

It’s always good to have a few written down on your notepad, and it’s OK to refer to them if you have trouble memorising them.

Some may have already been answered, and it’s good to say this (make the interviewer feel like they’ve done a good job) 🙂  Say something like, “I do have some prepared questions, and a few of them have already been covered in your description of the role – thank you”.  “Can I therefore ask …” and just ask 2-3 questions – not a whole raft that makes them feel like they are being grilled!

This is an opportunity for you to gauge whether you’d like to work for them too, so it’s important you also make the right choice of employer.

Here are some sample questions to help you get started:

1. How would you describe the overall management style of the company?

2. Who would I be reporting to and would it be possible to meet that person?

3. What is the biggest challenge this company/sector faces today?

4. Who is your greatest competitor?

5. How large is the team I would be working in?

6. What are the 3 top values of this company?

7. do you have a structured induction programme for new starters?

8. What is the company level of attrition for staff leavers?

9. What changes of promotion are there within this role, or secondment to other roles?

10. Do you offer chances to continue education and training within this role?

11. And lastly, when am I likely to hear whether I’ve been successful and by what method (letter, email, phone call).

Make sure you leave the interview on a high note.  Thank them for their time and insight into the company and don’t forget that handshake (stood up of course).  See my article on handshakes here Mastering the Art of Handshaking