Free – The Essential CV Checklist

Before you send out your CV, please take a moment to check it against this free checklist, as any mistakes can mean that you end up on the ‘reject’ pile, instead of being invited for interview!

Simple things can put a recruiter off you.  For instance if they are looking for someone with great ‘attention to detail’ and you spell something wrong, then they can immediately discount you.  Or, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve emailed someone to invite them for interview and the email has bounced back because it has been spelt incorrectly, or that the telephone number they have given me belongs to someone else or there is a digit missing!

So, please take the time to check this document thoroughly.  It is, in a sense, your sales brochure, so you want it to reflect all the very best of you 🙂

Download it here:  The Essential CV Checklist