Do You Need a Campaign Manager to Help you get your Next Job?

I’ve been amused recently when I heard on the radio that the latest contenders for the position of Prime Minister, all have a ‘campaign team’ behind them.

And there’s me thinking that they do it all themselves!

Presumably they are advising on strategy, tactics and what to say and do – as well as act and behave (definitely good advice for one of the candidates!).

All of which led me to think about how other people get jobs, if they don’t have a campaign team behind them, and what value that could bring.

Then it struck me!

For my clients, I am that campaign team!  I’m the ‘secret support’ that no one knows about.

– I advise

– I motivate

– I give you ‘boot camp’ tough love

– I showcase your skills and talents

– I show you how to present yourself in the best possible terms

– I pull out your best bits, and minimise the rest

– I give you confidence to believe in yourself and your abilities

– I support you

– I lift you up and point you in the right direction

– I share my wisdom and knowledge with you

– I coach and mentor you to be the best version of yourself and secure that dream role

So, if all that has left you wondering whether you need a campaign manager, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Get all the advantages you can get, in this competitive world of job marketing, by hiring a one-woman campaign team!

Email me if you are thinking you need a campaign manager 😉