Accountability Buddy

Time for Accountability
Time for Accountability

Coaching/mentoring is great in itself, but it can be turbo-boosted with accountability mixed in there too!

I’ve worked with 1000’s of clients throughout my career, and the ones that do the best and realise their goals, are the ones who ask me for some accountability buddying too.

Goals + Accountability = Dreams come true

So what is accountability buddying?

At the end of your coaching session, I will always ask you what actions you are going to take towards your goals, and I will tie you down to a timeframe. That’s what good coaches do 😉

But I also add an extra element in that I ask you to check back in with me at least weekly, to report how you are getting on. This can be via a quick phone call, an email or a screenshot of an app. I’m using CommitTo3 at the moment and I’m loving its simplicity!

It’s very easy to go off track, put stuff off and before you know it, time has gone and nothing has been done towards those wonderful goals you set in your coaching session.

I’m there in the background – I’ll prick your conscience to keep you going, support you, suggest other ideas if yours are not working, drive you forward, celebrate your successes and keep you focused!

With accountability, my client’s


And that’s what you want? Right?

What is the use of spending good money and then putting your goals to bed the week after you have seen me? This does not happen with those who have some accountability buddying.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Want accountability without being coached?

I’m also offering this service up to anyone who has a goal to achieve (whether or not they have been coached by me). Let me help you get to where you want to be in life, and start living how you want to live, not hiding in the shadows. This is such a cost-effective way to help you achieve your goals!

Download more information about my Accountability Buddying Programme here: Link

Contact me if you think accountability would help you achieve more.