If you’ve come to my website for any of the following reasons, then you are in the right place!

  • CV Writing/revamping (my speciality)
  • Career Coaching/Mentoring
  • Help with securing a new role/promotion
  • Support after being made redundant
  • Mock interviews to help you prepare for the main event
  • Graduate packages to get you in the right job, the first time!
  • Help with writing application forms
  • Personality profiling – DISC Assessments
  • Job search and direction
  • Career change
  • Help to secure an Apprenticeship

As a Career Coach, former HR Manager and Recruiter, I know just what it’s like on the ‘other side of the fence’ and can, therefore, guide you properly as to how to secure your next position, or get your CV ready for your next job.

All it takes is some focused action – I’ll provide the focus and you commit to action!

 I’ve worked successfully with all levels; from helping youngsters gain an Apprenticeship, through to getting Graduates into roles after finishing their degrees and supporting the most senior executives, career climbers and MD’s.

The process is the same; it has to start with a focused plan and a cracking CV!  If your CV is not opening interview doors, then it needs a professional to have a look at it.  Pop it over and I’ll give you an honest, free review.


Many companies are still shedding their loyal workforce and restructuring due to the effects of the pandemic.  Many are seeing what were once semi-secure jobs disappear, or feel that redundancies may be looming for their role.  This feeling takes away your control and makes you feel helpless.  But, there are lots of things you can do.

Get your mindset and your CV in the best possible shape ‘just in case’.  Why not start with a free CV review from me?  I’ll be brutally honest with you (there’s no other way), as I want you to be the best version of yourself in preparation for your next role.  The competition is fierce for new roles, so you have to put your best foot forward.

Take that first step and get your CV reviewed free of charge.  Just pop it through to me with a note telling me what kind of role you’d like to aim for next and I’ll review it against that criteria.  It’s my way of helping you succeed.

Christine turned my career around. I was self-employed for over 10 years, and found it hard to enter the corporate world. Christine helped me enter a global company. 2 years after, she helped me again to land a senior role in corporate sales, through extensive interview practice and advice. Thank you Christine!

I’m honestly taken aback, the difference between this and my original copy is staggering thank you so much!!!!

My revised CV looks amazing and I just wish I had contacted you much sooner!!  Thank you for taking the time to tailor the CV according to my strengths and the types of roles I am looking for.  I’m much more confident now about future potential interviews

It seems you have the magic career key!

Thank you for explaining the secrets of recruitment – now I know why I wasn’t getting interviews

The Graduate Career Package enabled me to choose exactly what I wanted, so it was really bespoke to my needs

I call Christine my Fairy Godmother – she’s been consistently by my side throughout my career whenever I’ve needed her