Career Coaching

career-coachingAt one point the HR or Personnel Department could be called upon to help you with your career, but I know from being a former HR Manager that this is rarely the case these days!

You have probably landed on my site because you’ve heard about my work with others, or you are simply curious as to what I do!

Whether you are looking to move your career upwards, across, down or even out, then you’ve come to an expert.  I work with clients at all levels of their career from school leaver and undergraduates to Senior Executives and Directors.

Contact me if you’d like to:

  • Discover who you are and where your skills and talents lie
  • Work out a plan of how to get your dream job or promotion
  • Have me write a bespoke CV for you that truly reflects what you have to offer
  • Would like help and support in helping you with career direction/focus
  • Want some sound advice on writing application forms, having mock interviews or just someone to act as a sounding board for your concerns or plans

Mobile:  07813 671886