Are You In CV Denial?

Are you in denial about how good your CV is? Hopefully, this article will enable you to decide 🙂

People come to me for my CV writing skills for a number of reasons, but the main one is that their CV is not opening doors to interview.  I’m always amazed when speaking to potential clients, as they think they are just unlucky in not getting selected for interview (rather than the real truth that their CV is not good enough!).   Sorry if that makes you wince!

Other potential clients tell me that they wrote it themselves and then had someone else look over it and the auntie/uncle/friend/mum said it was great!  My reply to them is, is your auntie/uncle/friend/mum an HR Manager or a recruiter?  If not, what would they know?  They are hardly liable to tell you that it’s terrible, are they??  But to be fair to the auntie/uncle/friend/mum they really don’t know what they are looking for, from a recruitment angle.

The definition of madness is said to be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Clients do this and never have the concept that there is a right and a wrong way of writing a CV.   Most CV writers who are worth their salt will have a good ear to the ground about what recruiters are looking for, and more importantly will have a steady stream of clients who are getting an interview with their new super-duper CV’s.

So, are you in denial about your CV?

  • Are you sending it out and not getting the response that you expect?
  • Does your best friend say it is fab?
  • Are you sending it out and not getting interviews?

If any of those reasons resonate, it might be time for some plain-talking.

I offer a FREE CV review as part of my service.  I’m brutally honest when I write your report, but I do this from a heart-centered viewpoint in that I want you to get that job!  Lots of my clients have written to me afterwards to thank me for my report, because believe it or not, I write it specifically about your CV.  There’s no computer generated or ‘generic’ replies from me!  And I don’t add you to a mailing list and then bombard you with emails!

What have you got to lose?  Stay in denial in your comfort zone, or break out and get that job you truly deserve!

I was amazed at my report – I thought you would just give me a bland report, but it was 2 pages of great advice on how I could alter my CV to get my next role.  I took your ‘free’ advice and got a new job!

Thank you so much for looking over my CV, all your recommendations are fantastic.

To take advantage of my FREE CV review, email your current one and the type of job you are looking to secure next to

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