Pre-Interview Checklist


You’ve got confirmation that your CV has been successful in securing you an interview.  But what should you do next to ensure that you are ready for the big day?  Here’s a quick checklist to help you:

  1. Print off a copy of the advert, your CV and your covering letter. Put these in a file for reference/aide memoir at the interview.
  2. Get the names of who is interviewing you. Check them out online.  e. on LinkedIn, company website etc.  Memorise their faces and bios.
  3. Research the company. Use the company website, Google, Twitter, FB, News, Press Page, LinkedIn too.  What is going on in their world?  Show you have done your homework.  What are their issues right now and how could you help with this appointment?  Is the share price up or down?  Who are their investors? What are their company values?  What matters to them?
  4. Plan your trip. If it’s local do a dummy run on the weekend before so you know where they are, where the reception is, where the car park is etc.
  5. Double check your interview time. Ensure you have replied to accept the date and arrange to arrive 10 mins before the interview so you can freshen up in the loos, check your appearance etc.  (Power stance bit in here).
  6. Make pleasant small talk with the people in reception – you never know who they are and the receptionist may have been briefed to feed back on you too!
  7. First impressions count. Good handshakes, eye contact, smiles, politeness all goes towards this.
  8. Wait to be asked to be seated in the interview room. If there is a panel, shake hands will all of them.
  9. Open your folder and have it on your knee or the edge of the table. Pen there too.  Shows you are ready for business!
  10. Control your nerves. Breathing technique to be put in here.
  11. Appearance – your clothes should be appropriate to the role. Clean shoes, hands etc.?  Might seem obvious but I’ve seen candidates beautifully dressed and when I look down at their shoes, they are a total let-down.
  12. After Interview – if rejected email to thank them for their time. Tell them that despite the result you are still very much interested in the company and would like to watch out for any future openings.  Wish them well and say they can keep your CV on file.

Hope that helps.  And if you have any particular questions, please don’t hesitate to email me on