The WORST Recruitment Selection Process I Have EVER Seen!


I’ll not name names in this post, as you would be shocked – but I’d love to name and shame!!!

A few years ago, a client of mine applied for a service role that required no qualifications, just a willingness to work hands-on and be trained.  He really wanted this job, and I really wanted him to at least get an interview so he could demonstrate how willing and able he was.

We worked hard on his application and send in a really strong effort for the role.  After 3 weeks he got a ‘generic’ response by email saying ‘sorry, you haven’t been selected for interview’.

He was gutted – and I was INCENSED!

I’ve worked with this company before so I picked up the phone and got through to the line manager and asked him why my candidate hadn’t got an interview.  His reply astounded me and these are his words.

“Well Christine, I had about 150 applications for this job, and I haven’t got time to read them all, so I just picked the top 6 off the pile, interviewed those and the best one got the job”.

I’m still speechless even today about it, hence this post.  But for all of you out there whose confidence plummets each time you get a reject letter/email, take a lesson from this in that YOU ARE WORTHY, and a company of this calibre doesn’t deserve you!

Rant over!