The Value of the ‘Hidden Job Market’

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The Hidden Job Market

For anyone who has been to any of my talks/workshops on networking, they will have heard me bang on about ‘the hidden job market’ and how it works.

Yes – it really does exist!

At my talks, I always tell stories of my clients and how they have tapped in to this market, and what spectacular results they have got (mainly from people who were initially skeptical)!

Case in point this week when I got an email from a friend to say he was giving up his business and was going to work in a great job, for a fab company.  (I know of this company and rate them enormously).

By chance I met with this chap whilst I was out with a client, and I asked him how this ‘transition’ had come about.  He told me it was a throw-away remark he’d made to someone in the pub!

He wasn’t even looking to close his business at that point, but got a call from the company asking if he’d like to submit his CV.  And the long and the short of it is, hey-presto, he did and got the job!

The moral of this story is that there might be people ‘looking’ at you and thinking ‘I’d like him/her to come and work for me, but they have a good business/job, and seem happy, so I won’t mention it’.

If you are on the look-out for a new position, casual conversations can work wonders.

Try it – what have you got to loose??